Animation & Storytelling

Car advertisement with an adventure theme. Illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator. Animation finalized in Adobe After Effects:



Kinetic Typography: A portion of the song “The Hanging Tree” from The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part 1. I do not own the song. I took the photograph of the background and added effects in Adobe Photoshop. The animation was created in Adobe After Effects:




Photo Narrative (Horror/ Action Theme)

I love experimenting with photography. As a traveler, I am always taking pictures because I never know when I’ll use them for a future project. The background photos are a perfect example of that, I already had them in my photo library. My new photos include the models from separate photo-shoots. I manipulated the warrior and zombie characters into the background shots. The narrative starts from left to right with a total of six photos. All photos were finalized in Adobe Photoshop.


Personal Mini Narrative

I am a traveler at heart. I chose five places that are important to me. The interactive project was finalized in Adobe Flash. The Flash project is best viewed in specific browsers such as Firefox and IE.



Final Narrative: Treasure Tales

Treasure Tales was created in Adobe Flash while the illustrations were made in Adobe Illustrator. The interactive story is about two outdoor enthusiasts that happened to be treasure hunters. They seek adventure and gold. Complete their story by clicking the buttons that lead to new pages and situations. This narrative is inspired by the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series. There are seven possible endings. The Flash project is best viewed in specific browsers such as Firefox and IE.



Artist and Technical Statement

My preferred choice of media revolves around the digital camera for travel, nature, and candid photography. Anytime I can use my photography for art, I will do so. I strongly believe I have the photographer’s critical and artistic eye; I am very focused on my surroundings. Overall, my inspirations come from the beauty of nature, travel stories, and emotional experiences. Emotion is a favorite motif because of the power it holds. It helps create strong character arcs for digital storytelling. Traveling is engraved in my heart so I have the instinct to explore and wander. The advantage of this wanderlust is how open I am to new experiences in which growth is in store.

My process usually involves the reconstruction of photos to create a scene by manipulating and blending them together. Another process that I personally enjoy is taking a photograph and using some of the major elements as an illustrative template to blend them into the scene. My patience and love for photography can be found in these works. I will incorporate the same techniques for my interactive animations. I also enjoy learning new techniques for my digital work, whether it matches my preferred processes or not. The Adobe programs I commonly used are Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and InDesign.